At Jordan’s Pet Care we aim to accommodate our clients and provide the best pet care and customer service as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies. A copy of our policies can be found on our website as well.


Our regular hours for services are 10am-6pm seven days per week, however, our office hours are from 10-6 M-F. We can often offer services between 8am-10am and 6pm-8pm based on employee availability but we cannot guarantee visits outside of our regular business hours. Any requests sent outside of our office hours will be answered when our office hours resume. If you have an emergency and need to reach us outside of our business hours please call 718-709-9684 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note our phone line does not accept text messages. 

All scheduling requests should be emailed directly to hello@jordanspetcare.com or placed through our online scheduling system Time To Pet. Please do not leave a note with your walker for schedule requests or cancellations. Schedules are only confirmed once you receive an email response from our office to your request. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible so that we may accommodate all clients as best as we can.

In order to ensure service, all weekday requests should be placed by 6pm the evening before service is requested. We aim to be as flexible as possible and can often accommodate requests made after this time but unfortunately we cannot guarantee them. 

*Special note: for safety reasons, we require that all dogs over 9 months of age who are intact be scheduled as solo walks. There is an $8 additional charge for all solo walks. 

*LATE REQUEST FEE: there is an additional $6 charge for all requests placed after 6pm the day prior to the date the service is requested. 

*EMERGENCY SCHEDULING FEE: any service requests submitted within 4 hours of the requested service window will incur a $15 emergency service fee. Please note that we cannot guarantee any scheduling requests submitted without advance notice of at least 24 hours and cannot always guarantee services requested outside of 10am-6pm. Any 10am-12pm walks requested after 6pm the day prior will be considered a rush request and will be subject to the emergency scheduling fee. 

Weekend and holiday scheduling requests should be placed with as much notice as possible in order to ensure service. Our weekend and holiday staffing is limited and while we are happy to offer services they should be booked in advance when possible. 

Please note, we may not be able to accommodate same day requests on the weekend or on a holiday. All weekend walks and visits, both Saturday and Sunday, should be placed by Friday. If you have an emergency on the weekend please call 718-709-9684. 

We require a minimum two hour window for all scheduling requests and cannot guarantee a walk or visit at a specific time, but rather during the chosen window. For puppy visits for dogs under 6-8 months we can accommodate one hour windows. Once a dog is fully house trained at 6-8 months (depending on the dog) we will increase the window to two hours. 

*If your dog’s regular walker is unavailable for any reason (vacation, sickness, etc.) one of our other walkers will walk your dog. All of our walkers work as a team to make sure your pet receives the best care possible.


We have tiered pricing for dog walks that is based on whether a client has a weekly ongoing schedule (walks that occur weekly on an ongoing basis) and the number of walks scheduled per week. Walk pricing is discounted when clients have more walks scheduled weekly. Clients who do not have an ongoing schedule of weekly walks are charged the higher price. Change in walk prices are automatically adjusted when clients cancel services within a week of scheduled walks. As such, if a client has 5 regularly scheduled walks per week and cancels three walks that week then the client will be charged the higher tier for services. If a client consistently cancels services for three weeks in a row we will reach out and make schedule adjustments if needed. We cannot guarantee a regular walker for any client whose dog gets fewer than 3 regularly scheduled walks per week. In those cases we will assign whichever walker is available in the area. Because we value our walkers’ time and respect that their jobs are their livelihood, we cannot reserve a specific window in anyone’s schedule for fewer than three walks per week in order to ensure we can provide them with enough work. 

If our staff arrives for a walk and cannot access the building (if a client hasn’t provided keys and requires us to buzz, etc.) we will wait for 5 minutes before leaving. After that the walk will be charged in full. If we are able to get in within the 5 minutes any time spent waiting will be deducted from the scheduled walk time. If you request that our walker returns after having left there will be an additional $10 charge to compensate for their time. 

*If your dog’s primary walker is unavailable for any reason (vacation, sickness,etc.) one of our other walkers will walk your dog. All of our walkers work as a team to make sure your pet receives the best care possible. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange a meet and greet in advance with anyone who is not your primary walker except in the case of overnights. 


All cancellation requests should be emailed directly to hello@jordanspetcare.com or placed through our online scheduling system Time To Pet; please do not cancel through a note left for your walker. As with scheduling, advanced notice is greatly appreciated whenever possible.

All cancellations must be made by 6pm the day prior to the date the service is scheduled with the exception of weekend services which must be canceled by 6pm the Friday prior to the scheduled service. 

*Any weekday cancellations made after 6pm (including evening walks) the day prior or weekend cancellations made after 6pm on Friday, will be charged in full except in the event of an emergency. 

Our weekend availability is limited and we often have to turn clients away so unfortunately we cannot cancel any walks or visits after 6pm on Friday without penalty. If a dog walk or cat visit is not canceled prior to scheduled service and your dog walker or cat sitter arrives for the appointment you will be charged in full for the visit. We respect all of our employees’ time and believe they should be properly compensated even in the event of an unfortunate mistake. 

Change Requests submitted through Time to Pet requesting to change an appointment to another day are considered cancellation requests with an additional schedule request so our cancellation policy still applies if a same day service is canceled after 8am. 

Cancellations for overnight dog sitting must be made within three days of the scheduled sit. If not, you will be charged in full for the first day of service as well as 25% of the total cost of the scheduled overnights

Cancellations for holiday services must be made within three days of the scheduled service or you will be charged in full for the service on the actual holiday. For visits spanning multiple days you will be charged 25% of the total services plus all surcharges. (For example, if you have pet sitting visits scheduled from December 25-27 and you do not cancel by December 22 you will be charged full price for Christmas Day including the surcharge and 25% of the cost of services on December 26 and 27.) Our holiday availability is limited and we almost always end up turning away clients because we are fully booked so unfortunately we cannot accommodate any last minute or same day cancellations for holidays without penalty. Our regular 8am weekday cancellation policy or 6pm on Friday weekend cancellation policy does not apply to holidays.

Holiday scheduling

We offer limited availability on holidays on a first come first served basis and cannot guarantee service. Please schedule all holiday requests with as much advance notice as possible in order to ensure service. Please note that we require a three-night minimum for all overnight dog-sitting over Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Year’s. 

Our office is closed on holidays and we cannot accommodate any same day requests. 

We do not automatically cancel all regularly scheduled walks and pet visits on major holidays although we will check with all clients to confirm or cancel. If you would like to cancel a regularly scheduled service on a major holiday please email hello@jordanspetcare.com or request cancellation through our online system to confirm. 

All holiday cancellations must be made within three days of the holiday or you will be charged in full for the visit as well as the holiday surcharge. We only have limited staff working and they give up their holidays to work so out of respect for their time we pay them in full for any cancellations made within three days of the holiday. We often turn  away clients on holidays because we are fully booked and late cancellations make it difficult for us to fill up our staff’s schedule, hence the three day requirement. 

There is a $10 surcharge on all services on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve. There is a $15 surcharge on all services on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Cameras and In-Home Overnights

We realize most of our clients have cameras in their homes and believe this is an important and useful tool to keep an eye on pets when left unattended. While we respect that decision and understand the necessity, we do allow and encourage our sitters to unplug cameras when doing in-home sitting. We believe they are entitled to their privacy while staying in a client’s home to care for their pets and should not be subject to being watched during down time. We ask our employees to turn cameras back on when they leave so clients can still keep an eye on pets while unattended. If a camera needs to be turned off via an app or other means not available to our sitters we respectfully request clients turn cameras off for all in-home overnights.


Please direct all communications including schedule requests and cancellations, account updates, special requests or instructions for your pet, etc. directly to our office via email, phone call or through your Time to Pet account rather than via text or written note to our employees.

Payment policy

We require all clients to have a credit card or ACH account on file in the client portal prior to scheduling any services. Clients are sent invoices on the 15th and the last day of each month and then automatically charged on the 1st and 16th. If an invoice is not paid within five business days you will incur a late fee of $2 per business day until the payment is made. If there is any issue or emergency that prevents you from paying within five business days please email our office at hello@ jordanspetcare.com to avoid any late fees. We only accept electronic payment via credit card or ACH through Time to Pet. We do not accept cash, check, venmo or any other form of payment. 

*Please note prices may be subject to change periodically but you will be given at least 30 days notice in the event of a fee increase.

**All prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales tax


All clients who do not live in a building with a concierge service that supplies keys or electronic doors that can be accessed by code must leave keys in a lockbox for our staff to access for scheduled services. We strongly prefer to have a back-up set of keys in our office for emergencies so if possible to also supply a set of keys to keep in our office that would be greatly appreciated. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis. If a lockbox cannot be used and you do not have a concierge or electronic locks then we request that clients provide two sets of keys prior to the first day of walks unless keys are left in a lockbox or with a doorperson. There will be a $20 key pick up fee after the initial consultation. This fee can be avoided by having two sets of keys ready for pick up during our initial meeting or by bringing keys to us. All keys are kept locked and secure in our office when not in use. 

Most clients choose to leave their keys with us in our office for subsequent visits, however, if you require that your keys be returned to you a $20 key pick up fee will apply next time we need to pick them up or they can be dropped off at our office which is located at 68 3rd Street, Office 24, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Kindly check in before dropping keys as the building has no front desk staff outside of regular business hours and our office hours can vary.


At JPC we prioritize the safety of all of the animals in our care. We use back up safety collars on all of our dogs during walks. These are red nylon or metal slip collars that are used secondary to any collar or harness provided by the client. The slip collar is only engaged in the event that a primary collar or harness becomes disengaged or broken so that we can prevent any dog from getting loose while on a walk. This is a safety feature that we have in place in case of equipment failure so that we can ensure that all dogs in our care are safe and secure while on walks. 

All dogs must have a collar with identification tags for all walks and overnights. We strongly recommend that the tags be separated from the harness and be attached to a collar.

Animal Behavior and Aggression

While we know there is no such thing as a bad animal, unfortunately for liability reasons we are not able to accept any cats, dogs or other animals for services who have exhibited aggression toward humans. We reserve the right to immediately cancel any services scheduled for any animal who is found to be aggressive or who has a previously undisclosed bite history. We care about our staff and want to keep them safe and also prevent putting any animals in a compromising situation so please notify us immediately if your animal has bitten a human.


Jordan’s Pet Care takes the safety of all of the animals in our care and the security of our client’s homes very seriously. As such, we cannot share any cat or dog sitting responsibilities with any persons who do not work for JPC. In the event that any person not affiliated with JPC provides pet care during the same time we have been contracted to care for your pet or enters your home for any reason during our scheduled services we will not assume responsibility for any loss or injury to your pet or damage to your home. Please inform JPC immediately if anyone else will be entering your home while we are caring for your pet.

Medical emergencies and consent to veterinary care

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, your pet will be taken to your veterinarian or the closest veterinary facility if necessary. You will be contacted immediately, but if we are unable to reach you we reserve the right to make medical decisions on your behalf in order to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. All medical expenses paid by Jordan’s Pet Care must be reimbursed by the client. By utilizing our pet care services you consent to allow us to provide your pet with medical attention if necessary and to reimburse any expenses paid.

If you are home sick during a scheduled walk

Please notify our office if you will be home sick during a scheduled walk for your dog. We want to give our employees notice so that they can mask up prior to entering your home and if you have covid we ask that you please leash your dog up and pass your pup to our walker through your door so they can avoid exposure. It’s very important to us that we do our best to keep our staff healthy. If our staff arrives at your home and you are sick, particularly with covid, they have the right to refuse to walk your dog and you will be charged in full for the walk. We respect and value our staff and since working with JPC is their livelihood it’s important to us that we can inform them if you are sick so they can protect themselves as they see fit.

Consent to Policies

By utilizing our services you agree to adhere to all policies without exception.