Dog Trainer

Holmes has been working with dogs in Brooklyn since 2009. Starting as a dog walker for a busy company, Holmes used enrichment, positive reinforcement, and patience to help rescued, older, and anxious dogs get the most out of their midday walks. After thousands of hours on the Brooklyn streets, Holmes earned her training certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) in 2017.

Holmes takes great pride in helping humans learn to communicate with their dogs through body language, positive reinforcement, enrichment, patience and love. Teaching people to help their dogs is the joy of her life, and she relishes that “Ah-hah!” moment when clients go from dog lovers to expert dog communicators.

At home, Holmes uses lots of enrichment and training games with her special needs Chihuahua, Emmylou. Named after one of Holmes’s first dog clients, Emmylou is the best dog on Earth. Be warned; Holmes will never shut up about her.