Nicole Leo

Nicole is originally from Long Island, but moved down to the Tampa Bay area of Florida as a teen. She missed NY so much that I moved back to Brooklyn 9 yrs ago. Her passion for animals started at a very young age even though her family didn't really have any pets growing up, except for a dog and cat when she was very young. Of course that didn't stop her from trying to rescue any animal she came across. So, as soon as she was out on her own, she adopted brother and sister kittens and have had rescues ever since. She's had a dwarf rabbit, cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, a leopard gecko, a hamster, and currently has a 5 year old pit bull named Sonny. After working behind a desk for years in various offices and being completely unhappy at work, Nicole realized that her calling was to work with animals and she's been doing it ever since. She's worked in animal hospitals, boarding kennels, a dog groomer, the Humane Society in Clearwater, FL and the ASPCA in NYC.