Natalie was born and raised in San Diego, California and in 2019 relocated to Brooklyn, New York. From an early age she developed an affinity for taking in injured and homeless animals in need. From birds that needed a safe place to rest and mend a hurt wing, to cats and dogs found wandering the streets alone. Natalie felt drawn to caring for them all and re-homed and adopted as many as she could. While studying Italian and Film at the University of California Riverside, she often missed classes in order to volunteer her time to help feed and care for abandoned puppies in the area. It is her deep love and compassion for animals that led her to become vegan and has been for almost 20 years. In her free time her favorite things to do are ballet, baking vegan treats, spending time near the ocean, doing art and science projects with her 9 year old daughter and going on awesome adventures with her daughter, and their rescue pup named Bowie. They also have a very cuddly cat named Rita Lee. She is so excited to have found a job she loves, where she can bring happiness to the lives of so many special animals and their humans too!