Michael Seidlinger is a native Floridian that ended up in New York because he believed all writers lived in Brooklyn. Though that turned out to be false, he has been a resident of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn since 2015, where he writes on a nightly basis and has managed to publish several books. While working on his master’s degree he worked as a professional dog walker in DC and Baltimore. He’s the sort of person at the party or picnic that makes a beeline to a person's animal friend; just as often, the animals make a beeline for him. He has been an animal lover since a child and has lived with dogs, cats, hamsters, tortoises, rabbits, and even a chinchilla named Mr. Chin. He adores those gracious moments when seeing a dog’s tail wag, hear a cat purr, see a bunny leap in the air with excitement, and matches it with unending enthusiasm and care, along with great stories and loyalty, the kind of loyalty that meets a dog's loyalty to their human. Almost.