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Why Choose Jordan's Pet Care?

Jordan's Pet Care is more than your average pet care business, we are a community and a family. As a member of our family we show our franchisee's the same care that we pride our company on while handling our pawed clientele. We balance professionalism as well fun with our furry friends and guareentee your success should you join the family.

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What We Provide

Jordan's Pet Care gives you all the tools you need to excel at owning your own pet care. Jordan and her managers will work with you, and teach you how to build a successful JPC branch. Jordan's Pet Care offers a personalized, hands on training system that is supplemented by an ongoing friendly support staff. Our team will tailor themselves to your unique schedule and show you how to keep your clients feeling supported. JPC will show you how to manage a small dedicated group of pet care professionals regardless of how much your business grows while still making sure you and your employees are providing the highest possible level of pet care.

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Benefits of Joining the JPC Team.

If you are searching for more reasons to join Jordan's Pet Care as a franchisee, visit our testimonials page to browse through clients reactions to our service. In the page, you can see how clients react to the quality we place on excellent service. Each team member prides themselves on keeping the customers and their pets happy, and it shows in our work. If you are looking to start a Jordans pet care franchise, feel free to contact our office to learn more.