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Dog Walks

We don't do pack walks, EVER! So you can be assured your dog always receives the necessary attention and care he or she deserves. We generally walk only one or two dogs at a time and occasionally three dogs when appropriate. We always make sure your dog is dry upon returning home if it is raining or snowing outside. A detailed note of our time with your dog will always be left for you so you know exactly what happened while you were gone. Included in the price of the walk, we will optionally feed or brush your dog or administer medications per your instructions.

Pricing Options: 

Effective July 1, 2019 all prices for walks will be increasing by $1. Prices for surcharges and additional dogs will remain the same.

Rates: (For walks from 10am - 6pm, Mon to Fri. Please see below for other times.)

- 30 minutes: $18

- 45 minutes: $23

- 60 minutes: $29

- 30 minute puppy visit: $20 (for dogs under 6-8 months approximately)*

- 30 minute guaranteed solo walk: $20

*While we schedule all walks in 2 hour windows, puppy visits are scheduled in 1 hour windows. Once a dog is 6-8 months old and fully house trained the service will be changed to a 30 minute walk and the window will be increased to two hours


$6 added before 10am, after 6pm M-F & weekends (per household, not per pet)

$6 added for any same-day service requests (placed after 8am)

$5 added each additional dog from the same household

** All services and prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax **