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Brooklyn Dog Training and Behavior Consultation Services

  • Private In-Home Training Session
    A one hour training session that covers basic manners and mild canine problem solving. Geared towards your dog’s needs and learning style. $150

  • Package of Three Private In Home Training Sessions
    This series of three sessions guides you and your dog through stages of learning basic manners skills and continuous mild problem solving. The series of sessions must be redeemed within a two- month period for the most beneficial results for both you and your dog. $420 

  • Package of Five in Home Training Sessions
    This series of five sessions will not only teach your dog an array of basic manners skills, but will ensure consistency in various situations and environments. It also provides ongoing assistance for mild problem solving. Sessions must be redeemed within a three-month period. $700

  • Behavior Consultation for Moderate to Severe Behavior Issues
    Behavior issues differ from basic training and require assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Behavior issues that require a consultation include: separation anxiety, area or resource guarding, reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs, extreme fear of new environments, fear of walking outdoors. Our highly experienced and skilled behavior specialist will identify the root cause of your dog’s behavior issue, develop a comprehensive treatment plan, and assist the pet parent in executing it. A phone consultation prior to the appointment will determine whether your dog’s needs require a behavior consultation or a training session. Each behavior consultation is approximately two hours. $225. Each follow up behavior consultation session is an additional $180.

  • Walk and Train- Our skilled trainer will not only take your dog for a walk but teach them basic manners such as: sitting at corners, walking nicely on leash, focusing on their handler rather than distractions, and no jumping. Pet parents are welcome to join but are not required to be present. Each Walk and Train session is forty-five minutes. A detailed report of the training exercises will be provided via email. $75 Package of Three Walk and Train Sessions $200

  • Basic Manner Group Training Classes
    Teach your dog to be a well- mannered member of your family with our five-week Basic Manners Course. Learn to communicate effectively with your dog for the best training results and learn what is motivating and rewarding to best achieve consistency. This class teaches basic training skills such as focusing techniques, sit and sit stays, down and down stays, responding consistently when called, leash manners and much more. Both you and your dog will love learning together in this fun and positive environment. All training methods are gentle and based in positive reinforcement. Each training skill is taught in easy-to-follow steps to ensure both you and your dog will succeed. $300 Please email for more information and for dates and times

  •  City a Urban Dog Training Group Classes
    If your dog has some basic manner skills already down but you want to refine and apply them to the challenges of city living, this 5-week course is for you. This unique and fun course recreates those situations that are a part of New York City living and teaches skills to help your dog adapt, navigate, and feel comfortable. Your dog will learn food delivery etiquette, sitting automatically at crosswalks, ignoring the temptation of objects, trash, and discarded food on sidewalks, focusing on you when confronted with distractions, mealtime manners when their human family is at the dinner table, and much more. Join us for this fun and effective class that will teach your dog to become confident New Yorker. Each training skill is taught in easy-to-follow steps with positive, rewarding methods.$300 Please email for more information and dates and times

    A Twenty-four-hour cancellation notice is required to reschedule your session or to receive a refund. Group class attendees are asked to arrive ten minutes before the class begins.

** All services and prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax **