Dog Training Brooklyn

dog training brooklyn


Teaching dogs starts with human learning. We begin every training session with an introduction to dog body language. No matter what training you learn, the ability to recognize your dog’s  signals will make all the difference.


Before we train, we’ll make sure to learn your needs and goals for your dog. The first session takes place in your home, where Holmes will look for ways to set up your environment for maximum success. After every session, you’ll receive an individual training plan, and the option to check in with Holmes online before the next session.

You can book as many sessions as you wish, and packages include a discount.


    All first sessions start with The Basics. You’ll learn about dog body language, human body language, dog enrichment, managing the home environment, and we will come up with a training plan together.
    You can mix and match from the rest of this menu. It all depends on your dog’s needs, your family’s needs, and your personal interests and goals.
    We’ll cover all things puppy; phases of development, potty training, socialization, basic cues, crate training, games and enrichment.
    For puppies and adult dogs. You and your dog will learn basic skills and enrichment. Perfect for reactive dogs, leash-pullers, scared dogs, and puppies starting out.
    For rescued dogs of all ages, whether fearful, reactive, anxious, or overstimulated. You’ll learn the signals of safety and comfort, and your dog will learn to relax and enjoy a new home.
    You’ll learn critical skills and how to manage the home environment. Your dog will learn to feel safe, embrace the changes, and calm themselves. Everyone wins when everyone can sleep!
    For parents and kids of all ages. Training games, enrichment, safety lessons, and a path to ongoing learning for your little ones of all species.
    If you’d like your dog’s learning to continue when you’re away on vacation, Holmes offers hybrid dog sitting/training in your home. You set goals with Holmes before you travel, get daily updates with pictures and video, and receive a complimentary training session after you return. This service is a 5-night minimum and it is for existing training clients only; you must complete at least one training session before you can access Sit, Stay & Train. 

                                    *(please note that sit, stay and train services can only be canceled within the first 48 hours after scheduling. After that you will still be billed in full for the service but Holmes will offer you a regular training session in lieu of each night canceled)


You can book as many sessions as you wish and packages include a discount. Most clients book 3-5 sessions.
All sessions include personalized training plans and online support.

Single Session ………………………….. $195

Three Sessions ………………………….. $495

Five Sessions ………………………….. $840

After five sessions you may book continuing sessions and receive an additional discount.
Sessions six and beyond will be $135.

Sit, Stay & Train ………………………….. $200/night (5-night minimum)

** All services and prices are subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax **