How to Play with Cats: Fun Cat Activities

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Having feline friends in your life is one of the most rewarding relationships you can have. The companionship of a cat is like no other – for a cat to choose you to be their human is truly an honor and it is a love that can last a lifetime. As a cat pawrent, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep your cat happy and healthy, especially if you want to keep your buddy around for as long as possible.

One way to do this of course is through proper nutrition, a clean litter box and regular check ups with the vet. That is just basic pet care 101. Another way is by making sure your cat’s life is enriching and full of activities. With outdoor kitties, they have the whole natural world to keep them entertained from exploring new territories, climbing tall trees and hunting small critters. However, keeping a cat entertained and fulfilled can be especially challenging if you have indoor cats since you have to provide an environment for them to thrive with as much thrill as the outdoors.

By playing with your cat, you are strengthening your bond while also engaging in heart healthy exercise. Not to mention play time will also mentally stimulate your cat. It is important to make sure your cat has an outlet to explore and release energy so that your cat does not become bored or distressed. So you might be asking yourself, what games do cats like to play? What do cats like to play with? In this blog post, we will discuss all the many ways on how to play with cats and fun things to do with cats.

Play time with your cat should engage them both on a mental and physical level. You can actively play with your cat with interactive games, toys and training exercises. Yes, you can train your cat! If you are low on time it is no excuse to not to find a way to help your cat have some fun so you should plan to have some passive forms of play with your cat.

Any activities, toys and games that bring out the natural hunting skills of your cat are a good bet. This would include anything to do with chasing, catching and in general caters to their innate prey drive. You want to keep your cats active as often as you can to prevent them from getting bored. Once that happens, you might have to deal with the consequences for kitty mischief.


The easiest way to engage in play is with a cat toy. Cats love to play with toys! There are so many options available in the market as well. However, every cat is different so you might have to do some trial and error to see what kind of toys pique the interest of your cat. You should also purchase cat specific toys so make sure you don’t give them a toy intended for a dog or a child. One classic toy is the catnip toy. They come in all different colors, shapes and sizes so you can have fun with the many options available. The catnip also energizes your cat so will make them want to play with the toy for longer periods of time. Keep in mind that cats like toys with fur and feathers since this mimics prey animals.

Another classic toy that is among the favorite cat toys is a fishing rod. These toys are essentially a stick with a strong attached to the end which dangles various items. Another variation of this are wand toys.

There are also some cat exercise toys on the market to cater to keeping your cat active. Cat treadmills, which are similar to hamster wheels but on a larger scale, are an excellent device to purchase if your cat is particularly rambunctious. Motorized toys are another excellent choice as it can keep your cat occupied for long periods of time and lets you take a break.

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a treasure trunk’s worth of toys for your cat there are always DIY alternatives. You can get creative with the kind of toys you can make using household items. Put that cardboard box from your most recent online shopping spree to good use by making a little cat cubby for your cat to squeeze into. If you have multiple boxes of varying sizes you can really get creative and build a cat castle or village for your cat to explore. You could even use any paper bags to entertain your cat. Just leave it out for your cat to explore and they’ll
probably turn it into their newest cat cave. Please do not use any plastic bags as that is safety hazard. Your cat could get caught in a plastic bag and asphyxiate or chew on the bag and ingest plastic which could lead to a blockage which is very serious if not treated immediately. A simple shoe string would suffice in a pinch as well.


Are you asking yourself, how to play with cats without toys? We have the answers! You don’t always have to use a toy to entertain your cat. You can find ways to engage with your cat by playing games.

You can also find other ways to play without toys. You can really get your cat moving and stimulating with the use of these tools and might even enjoy viewing some kitty parkour for the more athletically inclined kitties. That being said, sometimes the laser can cause frustration for your cat since they are never able to catch anything so their efforts are in vain. Try to keep this play to a minimum and instead opt for games where there is a reward. For example, you can blow bubbles and watch your cat have fun trying to catch and pop the ethereal orbs. Laser pointers are another classic way to play with your cat.

You can also play a game with your cat without using a toy or any object. Hide and seek is a great game to play with your cat. Not only will your cat get some exercise but so will you! Basically you need to give an activity cat to chase.

Cats, like dogs, can also be trained. Try enrolling in classes so you can learn about cat training techniques. You can also teach your cat to learn tricks, like fetch, touch, high-five. Some people can even teach their cat to use the toilet!

If you are worried about how to keep your cat entertained while you are absent, there are many options. For one, a cat tree provides a stimulating environment for your cat to explore. Cats are natural climbers and will enjoy having spaces and places to summit and investigate. A scratching post is another useful item to have in your home. Having a scratching post will ensure that your cat spares your furniture from attacks! Another option for keeping your cat occupied without you present is to use a puzzle feeder . This encourages your cat to use their brain to figure out the puzzle to get to the treat, which is great for their health. It can also help slow down cats who might be over eager eaters. If your cat eats too quickly and becomes ill afterwards, this is the best way to keep that impulse under control.

Cat nip is always good to have on hand! This magical plant can be used to get your cat in a playful mood, encouraging your cat to be active. Sprinkle some on a new toy that your cat might seem initially disinterested in or place on top of the new cat tree or scratching post.


There are many cat activities you can enjoy with your beloved feline. Aside from play time, you can also engage in other forms of interaction so that your cat receives some attention. This can be done through petting and grooming. You should spend time each day brushing your cat is a great way to bond with your cat while also keeping their fur clean and tangle free for the longer haired kitties. It is also a relaxing activity for you and for your cat. Throw in some head scritches and a massage and your cat will be in kitty spa heaven. Giving your cat any form of TLC is always recommended, so long as your cat enjoys the process. Keep in mind that not all cats love to be brushed, though, so tread carefully. Petting and scratches are also beneficial for your cats health. Please just be respectful of where your cat prefers to be pet and do not force them to engage in lap time if they aren’t interested in it. Cats are independent creatures and it should be up to them!

We hope this article has helped inspire you on the many games to play with a bored cat and encourages people to engage in playing with cats!