How To Care For A Senior Dog

How To Care For A Senior Dog

It’s never easy to watch your beloved pet aging. Over the course of your pup’s lifetime, they will go through different stages that will require different care. From puppyhood, through adolescence, then adulthood and eventually, old age. For a new pet owner, it is hard to know what to expect with an aging dog. Caring […]

How to Potty Train a Puppy

tips for potty training a puppy

Congratulations on bringing home your newest furry family member! If you are a new dog owner, you are probably looking for tips for potty training a puppy. Now that you have made the plunge in raising a puppy, you might be asking yourself: how long does it take to potty train a puppy? What is […]

Cat Behavior 101: What You Need to Know

At first glance, cats are mysterious creatures. They can’t express themselves like humans do so it can be confusing for people to understand their cat friends and how they are feeling, what they need, etc. Furthermore, it can be hard for us to understand how to communicate with our cats so they understand how we […]

Pros and Cons of Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting

Traveling as a pet parent can be stressful, especially if you cannot bring your beloved pet along for the journey. Aside from packing and planning your travel itinerary, you need to make arrangements for your pet’s care while you are away. When it comes time to travel without your beloved four legged companions, it is […]

How To Introduce a Dog And Cat

Having pets in your home truly enriches one’s life. There is nothing quite like the love that you can share with a beloved furry companion. Having both a dog and a cat in a home would mean even more love to go around. However, just because you love your dog and your cat, it does […]

Explore Multiple Cat Household Tips and Potential Problems

The Secrets To Navigating A Multi-Cat Household What could be better than a house full of cats? While it sounds great in theory, it is a little more complicated to successfully bring different cats together under one roof and keep harmony. Bringing home cats that are bonded pairs makes it easy to acclimate to your […]

How to Play with Cats: Fun Cat Activities

Having feline friends in your life is one of the most rewarding relationships you can have. The companionship of a cat is like no other – for a cat to choose you to be their human is truly an honor and it is a love that can last a lifetime. As a cat pawrent, it […]

Understanding Dog Body Language

Understanding Dog Body Language

As a dog pawrent, it is important to understand canine body language. It can be frustrating when you don’t understand your dog and what your pooch is saying to you. Are they happy? Are they sad? You may also be asking yourself, do dogs understand human body language and if so, what are you unknowingly […]

Dog Walking Safety Tips

As a dog owner living in New York City you might be asking yourself: is dog walking dangerous? Is it safer to walk with a dog? Should I purchase any dog attack protection devices? How do you navigate dog walking in the city? Is hiring a dog walker safe? We are here to answer those […]

Daily Dog Schedules: A Guide to Establishing a Routine for Your Dog

Dog Daily Routines Every Dog Owner Should Consider Congratulations on your new furry family member! Now that FIDO has found their forever home with you, it’s time to think about what your new life will look like together. One way to build and strengthen your bond with your pup is to establish a daily routine. […]